• Is your young child ready for preschool? Following are the steps for enrolling your child in the Woodridge School District 68 Preschool for All Program.

    1. Your child must be three (3) years of age or approaching his/her 3rd birthday.
    2. Contact the district to begin the screening process at 630-795-6830.  You will receive a packet which includes a parent interview, screener specific to your child's age, and more information about the program.
    3. After receipt of the packet, our team of Early Childhood specialists will review all of the information you have provided.  If there are concerns about your child's development, an additional follow-up screening or evaluation will be scheduled.  
    4. Upon completion of the screening, a student will be placed on the waiting list for the Woodridge 68 Preschool for All (PFA) Program. Priority for admittance into the Woodridge 68 PFA Program is given to students who have been identified as being at academic risk. At-risk children are those who, because of their home or community environment, are subject to language, cultural, economic, and like disadvantages.
    5. Once a spot becomes available, wait-listed students will receive an invitation to join the program.
    6. At this time, your child will be registered as a new student in the district. Registration will take place at the host school (where preschool is located), not the home school.


    If you would like to make an appointment for your child(ren) or have questions about the Preschool for All Program, please contact the Student Services office at or 630-795-6830.


    If your child is younger than age 3 and you have concerns about his or her development, please call us at 630-795-6830 to set up a developmental screening.  


    Please note that the calendar for preschool is slightly different from the district calendar.

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