Residency Information

Verification and Proof of Residency

  • RETURNING STUDENTS: Returning student residency for the upcoming school year will be verified electronically, and investigators from National Investigations, Inc. will follow-up with those that cannot be initially verified. Parents and guardians of returning students will receive notice in July with the results of the residency verification if necessary and indicate next steps if any. Most families will not receive a letter.


    ALL OTHER STUDENTS: Anyone seeking to enroll a student must complete the Proof of Residency Form and provide the required supporting documentation. One document from each of the following categories is required to complete the registration process. Please submit only copies of supporting documents, not originals. Documents will not be returned.

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    Not sure what school your child will attend or even if you live in Woodridge 68 boundaries? Click the image above and enter your address in the search bar.

  • Category 1 (one document required)


    • Current monthly mortgage statement
    • Current property tax bill
    • Current homeowners insurance policy/bill
    • Current assessment notice
    • Mortgage commitment specifying closing date


    • Current lease agreement showing dates of occupancy with parent/guardian as lessee and signed by property management company
    • Letter of residence from landlord in lieu of lease (click link below to download this letter)


    • If parent/guardian does not own or rent residential property and is living with a District 68 resident, a “Letter of Residence to be Used When the Person Seeking to Enroll a Student is Living with a District Resident” will need to be completed (click Residency Forms in menu). One of the above documents from the District resident must also be provided.


    Category 2 (one document required, must indicate current address)

    • Current water, gas, electric or other utility bill
    • Current vehicle registration
    • Current voter registration card
    • Current public aid card