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1230 - Visits to the School

Last Updated Date: 01/23/2017

Adoption Date: 11/13/1995

Revision History:

The Board encourages citizens interested in the educational programs of the District to visit the schools. Prospective visitors are encouraged to call the school office prior to visiting to determine whether or not a class may be on a field trip, is involved in a testing situation, or other activities which are not conducive to the planned visit. Unscheduled visitors may be requested to re-schedule their visit at a more appropriate time. All visitors to school property are required to report to the Building Principal’s office and receive permission to remain on school property. All visitors must, show identification, and wear a visitor’s badge. When leaving the school, visitors must return their badge.

Any person wishing to confer with a staff member must contact that staff member to make an appointment. Conferences with teachers are held outside school hours, or during the teacher’s conference/preparation period. Requests to access a school building, facility, and/or educational program, or to interview personnel or a student for purposes of assessing the student’s special education needs, should be made at the appropriate building. Access shall be facilitated according to guidelines from the Superintendent or designee.

Any staff member may request identification from any person on school grounds or in any school building; refusal to provide such information is a criminal act. The principal or designee shall seek the immediate removal of any person who: (1) refuses to provide requested identification, (2) interferes with, disrupts, or threatens to disrupt any school activity or the learning environment, (3) or engages in an activity in violation of Board policy.

Policy References:

Previously Adopted: January 10, 1977 (Policy 1240) 105 ILCS 5/24-25 Illinois School Code: Section 24-25 Persons Entering School Buildings