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3510 - Facilities Use

Last Updated Date: 01/14/2019

Adoption Date: 06/26/2000

Revision History:

The Board may grant the use of its buildings and grounds to nonprofit organizations and other governmental agencies that serve residents of the District and having at least one District resident as an officer/agent of the group.

All equipment of the school must be used at the location of the facilities, and there may be a charge for such use. The facilities will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Dates for use of the facilities must be cleared through the District Office and Rental Request, Certificate of Insurance, and Rental Agreement must be submitted to the District’s Office at a minimum of one calendar week in advance

The Board shall approve a schedule of fees for the use of school facilities and shall charge a custodial and/or maintenance/set up fee, if needed, unless the custodian or maintenance staff, is normally on duty during the time of the activity, and no additional time to support the facility use is required.

The use of school facilities shall normally be without cost to the following organizations on days when school is in session:

  • Employee groups, PTO, Girl or Boy Scout organizations, Governmental agencies that serve residents of the District, Woodridge Park District, groups sponsored by the YMCA, the Woodridge Athletic Association, Friends of the Library, school sponsored organizations and other youth orientated organizations as approved by the Superintendent or designee.
  • All (other) organizations, including churches using school facilities for church services or persons granted the use of schools for individual purposes, shall assume the scheduled fee and cost of such additional staff services as may be required.

A custodian must be present during the activity, unless waived by the District. Security or supervision may be required at the discretion of the school district based on the nature of the activity and the risks posed to the school district facilities.

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