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5100 - Student Assignment

Last Updated Date: 01/22/2018

Adoption Date: 10/25/1999

Revision History:

School Attendance Areas

It shall be the responsibility of the Board to establish attendance areas. It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent to submit, on an annual basis, any and all proposed boundary changes to the Board for its review and possible adoption.

If feasible, the establishment of attendance areas shall provide for continuous attendance in a given school; however, it shall be the responsibility of the Board to make equitable use of all school facilities. Advance planning for new sites and the utilization of existing buildings will be guided by the following criteria in determining school attendance boundaries:

  1. The educational needs of students
  2. The proximity of students to school plants
  3. The safety of students
  4. The ages of students served
  5. The characteristics of the educational program established
  6. The financial ability of the district.

The Board does not allow voluntary transfers within the established attendance areas except in the following two cases:

  1. A student is enrolled in, or graduated from, a District Site-based Program (i.e. Modified Learning Program, K-2 Self-Contained Bilingual, and Transitions) Kindergarten through Sixth Grade,
  2. A student has a medical restriction when the necessity of the transfer shall be at the discretion of the Superintendent, or designee.

Upon the following criteria, the Board shall allow the aforementioned exceptions to the established attendance areas:

  1. Parents of students may apply for placement in other attendance areas where unused pupil stations exist. Letters requesting alternative placement are to be sent to the District Administration Office no later than the first Monday in August before the start of the new school year.
  2. Unused pupil stations will be determined to exist if the existing or anticipated pupil ratios are less than the following:

                22:1 for kindergarten classes

                24:1 for grades 1 through 3

                26:1 for grades 4 through 6

  1. Parents of students choosing the option in number one shall be required to provide the transportation of their child to and from school.
  2. Parents of students who choose the option in number one shall agree to remain a minimum of one year in their chosen school.
  3. Enrollment authorization may be rescinded up to and including the first day of school.
  4. Request for permissive transfer must be renewed annually, as there is no expectation of continued enrollment based upon a prior year’s decision.

Voluntary transfers will not be permitted unless the terms listed above are met.

Student Assignment to Teachers and Classes

The assignment of students to teachers, grade level and classes shall be the responsibility of the principal and shall be based on general achievement, consideration being given to the mental, physical, emotional, and social maturity of the child.

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