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5360 - Discipline and Consequence

Last Updated Date: 05/20/2013

Adoption Date: 10/25/1999

Revision History:

In an effort to provide a safe environment which allows all students to learn, the Board and all employees of the District shall endeavor to insure that effective discipline is implemented in the District. Teachers and other certificated employees shall maintain discipline in the schools. The Board recognizes its responsibility to give reasonable support and assistance to employees with respect to the maintenance of discipline. Employees shall stress the development of discipline and self control on a daily basis. It shall be the responsibility of the employees to communicate to parents serious disciplinary problems and consult with parents regarding the solving of disciplinary problems.

Discipline shall be fair and positive in nature. Prior to the imposition of disciplinary action, appropriate due process procedures shall be observed. Corporal punishment shall be prohibited. Teachers and other certified employees may use reasonable force as needed to maintain safety for themselves or other students, staff members or other persons from bodily harm or such as it is deemed necessary to protect against property damage.

A teacher may exclude a pupil from a class period when the grossness of an offense, the persistence of the behavior, or the disruptive effect of any violation makes the continued presence of the pupil in the classroom intolerable, provided that the teacher shall have previously given instructions of what behavior is expected and, where possible, given the student fair warning. When a pupil is so excluded by a teacher, when necessary, the student shall be escorted by an adult to the building administrative office. The principal or designee shall seek appropriate action to solve the discipline problem.

Criminal offenses committed by students shall be reciprocally reported by the school and law enforcement agencies.

Policy References:

Illinois School Code - Chapter 122 24-24 Maintenance of Discipline 10-20.14 Parent-Teacher Advisory Committee on Discipline