How do we choose an instrument?

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Students will choose which instrument to play: flute, clarinet, trumpet/cornet, trombone, or combined percussion (bells & drums).

The BEST way to decide would be to pick the instrument that your child wants to play, based on their interest in the instrument as well as their natural aptitude. Kids do well if they practice, so it makes sense to choose an instrument that will be fun to play.

We will give kids a "Mouthpiece Try-Out Kit" to help them discover what natural abilities or challenges they might have. For instance, if the flute seems to be easy to make sound on, that would be a good choice. If one of the brass mouthpieces is better than the other, that can help kids decide.

Local area stores can help with instrument try-outs as well. Please call ahead to see if they can host a "fitting session" for a beginning band student.

When a decision has been made, you will start a "rent to own" plan. This is better than purchasing an instrument right away. If you plan on using an older instrument that is already in the family, please have it checked by a reputable service technician to be sure that it is in good playing condition.

Everyone will also need to purchase the book: Essential Elements Interactive, Book One. There is a specific book for each instrument. Some instruments require other accessories, such as valve oil, reeds, or cleaning kits. Every child will need a wire music stand for practicing at home.

At that point, you'll be up and ready to go!