Why should we rent instead of purchasing?

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Families are encouraged to start a "rent-to-own" plan for the instrument, rather than purchasing one. This allows you to get a high-quality instrument at a low cost. High-quality instruments give kids the best chance to experience success and they can last for years and years. Cheaply built instruments look good, but they are often very difficult to play and they don't last very long. They are considered "disposable" and repair shops won't touch them because they fall apart.

Please avoid purchasing the very low-cost instruments found online or at big box stores. These instruments are cheap for a reason! They are built with cheap materials, they are built to cheap standards, but they are not built to last. They are built to look good, but they usually sound horrible. They are appealing because they are cheap, but they will need to be replaced well before a reputable instrument. In effect, you'll pay less, but you'll pay often!

Every child will need the method book and various supplies. These must be purchased, but they are only about $10 to $20 for most instruments (percussion is always more expensive). Some school-owned instruments are available to families with demonstrated need. School instruments are not shiny and new, like the ones that you rent from a store, but they function and they are available on a first-come, first-served basis. School instruments are free of charge, but families are responsible for repairs or replacement costs due to negligence or abuse. Please reach out to one of the band directors if you cannot afford to rent a high-quality instrument for your child. Please do not reach out for a school instrument if you "just want to see if my child is going to stick with it". Our limited supply of instruments is intended to serve families who are truly in need of support - not just as a convenience.