Emergency Preparedness

Weapons talk

Each year the school principal meets with students in every grade level to review Woodridge School District 68’s weapons policy, discussing what constitutes a weapon, prohibition of weapons on school property, and consequences for violating these policies.


Lockdown drills

Lockdown drills are one of several safety drills students and staff participate in each year. Current research suggests the run-hide-fight approach to an active shooter in the school.


Table top scenarios

Staff participate in additional emergency training where different emergency scenarios are presented and then the best practice response is shared and discussed.


Active shooter drills

The Woodridge Police Department conducts active shooter drills inside our schools to prepare and train in case of such an emergency. This is done when no students or staff are present to avoid any unnecessary trauma.


Emergency Action Guide

Developed after research and discussion at the annual school safety meeting (see below), a copy of the single page Emergency Action Guide is posted next to every classroom door.


Annual school safety meeting

A crisis committee made up of district and school administrators and representatives from the Woodridge Police Department, Lisle-Woodridge Fire Protection District, Woodridge Park District, and others meet every year to discuss the latest research and review plans and procedures to ensure best practices and coordination in the event of an emergency.