Community Coordination

School Resource Officer

Woodridge Police Officer Jeff Bean is assigned to Woodridge 68 schools and provides GRIT training. Most of his time is spent at Jefferson Junior High, but his presence is seen at all our schools. Officer Bean also serves as our liaison to the police department.


GRIT program

GRIT is a school educational program offered in partnership with the Woodridge Police Department. Those who have GRIT possess a special combination of passion and persistence to overcome challenges and succeed. The program combines many elements of the D.A.R.E. program with current issues facing our youth such as social media, peer pressure and bullying. GRIT also focuses on educating parents regarding the current issues facing our youth.


Constant communication with police

Woodridge 68 works closely with the police department to prepare for and respond to any level of security threat.


Annual school safety meeting

[see Emergency Preparedness section]