Woodridge School District 68 prepares for a variety of emergencies through ISBE mandated drills, annual safety audit meetings, building-level crisis teams, and collaboration with the Village of Woodridge Fire and Police Departments.

Emergencies range from weather (tornado, storm) to building-based unsafe situations and even community emergencies. In most instances, district personnel (building or district level administrators) manage the situation and provide guidance to staff members. However, there could be an emergency situation where outside authorities (Police or Fire Department officials) are the leaders with our administrative staff supporting and following the directions given by others.

In the event it is not safe to remain in a school building but is safe to leave the school, students will be escorted to predetermined emergency shelter locations. With this action, parents will be notified of an off-site reunification location. There will be a high level of security in allowing children to leave the site and reunite with their families, including reviewing identification. Woodridge 68 will make every attempt to communicate with parents. Although difficult to do, parents should remain calm and wait for information and direction from the district.

As Woodridge 68 is prepared, it is also important for families to prepare for potential emergency situations. Below are suggested measures families can take:

  • Talk to your child about the possibility of emergencies and that adults will do everything they can to keep them safe.
  • Have up-to-date phone numbers and email addresses in PowerSchool so school personnel can keep you informed.
  • Keep your emergency contacts in PowerSchool up to date in the event that there is a situation where you cannot get to the reunification site and your child needs to be released to another family member or friend. Let your child know who may pick them up if it isn’t you.

For more information and tips on preparing your child for emergency situations, visit