Waiver of Fees

The District shall waive all fees assessed by and payable to the district for fees for students whose parents or guardians are unable to afford them according to established standards. The standards for eligibility for a waiver of fees are as follows:

  1. A waiver of fees application form, together with an application for free and reduced lunch, shall be submitted to the Principal and forwarded to the Business Office for approval by the Superintendent’s designee.
  2. Fees shall be waived for all students who qualify for free or reduced lunches under the school free lunch program act authorizing Boards and welfare centers to sponsor community lunch programs and free breakfast and lunch programs, providing for State reimbursement. For more information on free and reduced meals, please see the Food Services section of this handbook.
  3. Other extenuating circumstances under which the District will grant a waiver of school fees include: very significant loss of income due to severe illness, injury or death in the family or unusual expenses such as fire, flood, or storm damage; or similar emergency situations.

Board Policy 3220: Waiver of Fees