Parents wishing to enroll their child(ren) in Woodridge School District 68 must show proof of residency by providing the required number of documents from two different categories: Verification and Proof of Residency

Considerations for:

  • Active Military
  • Homeless Children 
  • Foster Care Students: Director of Special Education Dr. Anne Bowers (630-795-6830) acts as a liaison to facilitate the enrollment and transfer of records of students in the legal custody of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services when enrolling in or changing schools.


Custody Orders

Anyone with a Custody Order seeking to enroll a student must provide the documentation listed above. In addition, a court order, agreement, judgment, or decree that awards or gives custody of the student to any person (including divorce decrees awarding custody to one or both parents) must be provided.



A Non-Parent/Guardian seeking to enroll a student must provide documentation listed on the Verification and Proof of Residency page. In addition, the “Attestation of Enrollment and Residency” form must be completed.