Transferring In

The parent/guardian should request from the previous school that the following be forwarded: official transcript, remainder of the school records and a completed good standing form. The student shall be admitted pending the receipt of these records. If the records are not received, the principal or designee shall request the records from the transferring school. If the parent/guardian is unable to present the records, the student shall be admitted and the principal shall request the records from the transferring school.

A student seeking to transfer into the District must serve the entire term of any suspension or expulsion, imposed for any reason by any public or private school, in this or any other state, before being admitted into the District.

The principal or designee shall make the class or grade level assignment, and may accept or reject the transferring school’s recommendations.


Transferring Out

Parent(s)/guardian(s) of a student transferring from the District should give the principal written notification of their intent, pay outstanding fees or fines, sign a release form, and return all school owned property.

The principal shall complete a good standing form for any student transferring from the District. Within 10 days of a transfer notification, the principal shall send to the District in which the student will or has enrolled, a completed good standing form, an unofficial record of the student’s grades, and the remainder of the student’s school records. If a transferring student was suspended or expelled for any of the reasons listed previously in this policy, and the period of suspension or expulsion has not expired at the time the student attempts to transfer into another public school, any school student records required to be transferred shall include the date and duration of the suspension or expulsion. Within 10 days after the student has paid all outstanding fines and fees, the principal shall mail an official transcript of the scholastic records.

Parent(s)/guardian(s) will receive prior written notice of the nature and substance of the records proposed to be released and an opportunity to review and copy them.