Health & Safety Education


Student safety is our primary concern, and Woodridge 68 believes that education plays a vital role in assisting our students to live long and happy lives. As such, the district has incorporated, when appropriate, into the health, sex education, drug education and science curricula:

  • Child Abduction Prevention
  • Child Abuse Education
  • AIDS Awareness & Education

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) continues to be a priority for Woodridge School District 68. We recognize that partnering with families to promote positive social-emotional development allows our students to engage in problem-solving, demonstrate curiosity, and build productive relationships with others, further preparing our students for college and career readiness.

The state has two laws related to the safety and social-emotional well-being of students, Erin’s Law and Ann Marie’s Law. Erin’s Law was passed as a concerted effort to teach children about ways to keep them safe. It requires that we educate students on safe touches and unsafe touches, safe secrets and unsafe secrets, and how to “get away and tell a trusted adult today.” Ann Marie’s Law mandates that all Illinois public schools provide age-appropriate suicide and depression awareness and prevention education programs for students. If you have any questions or concerns about Ann Marie’s Law or Erin’s Law, or do not want your child to participate in these lessons, please contact your child’s teacher or school administration.