Promotion from grade to grade for purely social reasons is prohibited. Students who, by teacher judgment and student test results, demonstrate a proficiency level comparable to pupil performance two grades or more below current placement shall be provided with a remediation plan. Such plans may include summer school, extended school day, tutorial sessions, retention in grade, special homework and modified instructional programs.

The decision to promote a student to the next grade level shall be based on successful completion of the curriculum, attendance, performance based on Illinois Standards Achievement Tests, and other assessments. A student shall not be promoted based upon age or any other social reason not related to academic performance. The principal and staff shall determine appropriate remedial assistance for a student who is not promoted.

The possible retention or acceleration of any pupil shall be discussed at a reasonably early time in the school year with the parent(s) and or guardian(s) prior to a final decision being reached.

Since School Code requires the Board of Education to provide a full day of school for all children who reach the age of seven, no kindergarten student who reaches the age of six during the kindergarten year may be retained either with or without parental consent. Children who do not reach the age of six during kindergarten can be retained only with parental consent because the only legal prerequisite for first grade admission is age (reaching six by September 1).

Legal Reference: 105 ILCS 5/2-3.64, 5/10-20.9a, 5/10-21.8, and 5/27-27; 23 Ill. Admin. Code § 1.440