Learning Resource Centers

As an integral part of a comprehensive educational curriculum, our libraries provide the instruction necessary for students to become independent lifelong learners. The library is a gateway, enabling students and staff to access and organize information. Our program encourages them in their educational, leisure and professional pursuits. Because technology is a vital part of education today, students will develop the skills necessary to utilize a variety of technologies and to differentiate between the resources that technology provides and those that are more traditional.

Our Learning Resource Centers (LRCs) are staffed with a certified Learning Resource Specialist and a full-time LRC Assistant. In addition to books, magazines, and reference materials, the LRCs house an ample supply of instructional materials such as multimedia and electronic resources. Students are responsible for borrowed materials.

Check-Out Periods

Reference and Reserve: overnight

Grades K-6: one week

Grades 7-8: three weeks


LRC/Library materials/resources may be renewed at the discretion of LRC personnel.

Overdue Materials

LRC/Library materials/resources are overdue when they are not returned to the LRC by the due date. Overdue notices are sent out to the students regularly.

At the elementary level, if an overdue book is not returned three weeks after it is due, a bill will be sent to the parents/guardians.  At the junior high level, if an overdue book is not returned six weeks after it is due, a bill will be sent to the parents/guardians. This bill represents the cost of replacing the LRC/library material/resource (or a comparable item if the items are no longer available) at current replacement costs.  See the section “Fees” below for more information.

Until LRC/library materials/resources are returned or paid for, check-out procedures may be restricted.


There are no daily fees for overdue LRC/library materials/resources.

Replacement costs for lost or damaged LRC/library materials/resources are determined by the following:

  • Current price
  • If no cost for the LRC/library material/resource is available, minimum costs will be
    • $6 for a paperback book
    • $20 for a hardcover book
    • $5 for a magazine, or
    • fees as determined appropriate by the school’s LRC Director.

All non-book costs for materials/resources will be charged at the discretion by LRC personnel.  Payment is due in a reasonable time period. Payment for all lost/damaged materials/resources is due no later than the end of the current school year.

If the paid materials/resources are returned in good condition within six months of the payment parents/guardians can request a refund through the school’s LRC personnel.  A refund check will be requested.

No fees are charged for simple repairs.  If complex repairs are necessary, replacement costs will be charged.