1:1 Technology


Woodridge 68 provides individual technology in the classroom, allowing for more learning opportunities and instructional time throughout the day. Students in grades K-8 are issued a specific Chromebook, which is assigned to the individual student. Students are taught procedures and expectations surrounding the proper use and care of these devices.

All Chromebooks owned by Woodridge School District 68 are district property and are provided to students for a period of time as deemed appropriate by District Administration. Devices may be taken home every evening, but it is the student’s responsibility to make sure the device returns to school fully charged. These devices are to be used as a productivity tool for school-related business, curriculum, research, and communications. Students must act in accordance with all applicable Board of Education policies when using the District’s Chromebook computers, electronic devices, and accessories.

Students must comply with and agree to the following conditions prior to being issued a Chromebook: 

  • Students must not attempt to install software, hardware or change the system configuration, including network settings on any equipment assigned to the student without prior consent of the Information Technology department.
  • Students are expected to prevent damage and theft to all District electronic equipment assigned to them.
  • Students will not be held responsible for manufacturing defects, technical problems, and normal wear and tear resulting from regular school-related use.
  • Users of Woodridge School District 68 technology have no rights of ownership or expectations of privacy to any data that is, or was, stored on the electronic device, school network, or any school-issued applications.
  • Students must provide access to any equipment and/or accessories they have been assigned upon the District’s request.

Woodridge 68 contracts accident protection for our student Chromebooks. This is a mandatory program; all students are required to purchase the damage waiver to take the device off school property. Woodridge 68 students are automatically enrolled in the program, and the cost is included in the student's technology fee.