Classroom Observation Guidelines for Outside Providers


Woodridge School District 68 welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with outside providers in order to meet the needs of students. In many cases, outside providers request the opportunity to visit the classroom in order to observe the educational programming for the child with an IEP. We will make every effort to accommodate such observation requests, but our first priority is maintaining the learning environment for our students, as repeated visits and observations can result in disruptions and distractions to the classroom. Each classroom observation request will be considered on an individual basis based on its purpose, duration, and frequency.

In order to facilitate requests made for school observations in a timely manner, a specific process is utilized by the district. Before scheduling any observation, the district must have a current “Authorization for Exchange of Confidential Information” on file for any outside provider (e.g., therapist, advocate) who wishes to observe or consult. In addition, any observers will be required to sign the Classroom Observation Confidentiality Acknowledgement Form. Requests for observations must be made at least two weeks in advance of preferred visit dates by submitting a Classroom Observation Request Form.

We will make every effort to accommodate observation requests. In order to minimize classroom disruptions, observation duration may be limited based on the specific purpose, generally not exceeding one hour, as well as staff availability. A member of the Student Services department, such as the case manager, psychologist, social worker, or administrator, will always accompany visitors. Visits will be scheduled in an effort to accommodate the classroom schedule, school personnel schedule, and the requests of the outside provider. If there is a need for a follow-up discussion with the teacher, this must be scheduled in addition to the actual observation.


Regulation 1230R2

Administrative Adoption: January 23, 2023