Drug-Free Awareness Program


The Board of Education believes strongly that students and parents should be aware of the dangers of tobacco, drug and alcohol abuse. The Drug-Free Schools Policy is outlined in the Behavior & Discipline section of the handbook. Students who violate that policy are subject to discipline up to and including expulsion and/or referral for prosecution.

Woodridge 68 is aware of the risks posed by drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol can cause such problems as lung cancer, liver disease, respiratory failure, and heart attacks. They are closely associated with such diseases as AIDS and hepatitis. In addition, drugs and alcohol can cause motor vehicle accidents and work place injuries. Drugs and alcohol also have a number of more insidious effects: they can deprive a person of his or her ability to make good choices; they can deprive the user of his or her ability to deal constructively with anxiety and stress; they can undermine the user’s ability to plan for and reach long term goals; and they can destroy professional and family relationships. Finally, lives can be ruined when illegal drug users are arrested, jailed or injured by drug-related violence. From time to time, the Administration will schedule workshops and programs to discuss these dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. The Administration has also gathered a variety of pamphlets, videotapes and other materials about drug and alcohol abuse. Those materials are available through each school.

Any students (or their parents) who use illegal drugs or abuse medications or alcohol are urged to contact the DuPage County Board of Health for information regarding organizations which provide drug and/or alcohol counseling and rehabilitation.