Gender Discrimination


No student shall, on the basis of his or her gender, be denied equal access to programs, activities, services or benefits or be limited in the exercise of any right, privilege, advantage or opportunity.

The Superintendent shall appoint a Coordinator for Nondiscrimination (the “Coordinator”) for the School District. Students and parents shall be notified annually of their right to initiate a grievance or complaint of illegal discrimination and of the Coordinator to whom such complaints shall be directed.

Within seven calendar days of receiving a grievance or complaint of illegal discrimination, the Coordinator shall send a copy of the district’s written grievance procedure to the complainant. The Coordinator shall investigate the nature and validity of the grievance with those responsible for the program or activity cited by the complainant. The Coordinator may seek advice from related state agencies or legal counsel. Within sixty days of receiving the grievance, the Coordinator shall render a written decision, including the steps to be taken for further appeal of that decision. The written decision of the Coordinator may be appealed to the Superintendent by submitting a written request. Within fourteen days of receiving the appeal, the Superintendent shall render a written decision.

The written decision may be appealed to the School Board by submitting a written request for hearing before the Board, addressed to office of the Superintendent.

The decision of the School Board may be further appealed to the Regional Superintendent of Schools pursuant to Section 3-10 of The School Code of Illinois and, thereafter, to the State Superintendent of Education pursuant to Section 2-3.8 of The School Code of Illinois, as provided in Section 200.90 (b) of the Sex Equity Rules.