Online Safety & Content Monitoring


Woodridge School District 68 contracts the services of Gaggle to ensure the safety and well-being of students and schools by leveraging people and technology. Their vision is that all schools are safe and all students get the mental and emotional help they need. Services include:

  • Content analysis: Machine learning technology flags concerning content in students’ school-issued accounts for review and blocks potentially harmful content
  • Expert review: Helps to see the early warning signs so the school can take action to protect students from harming themselves or others—before it’s too late
  • Rapid response: In severe situations concerning student mental health or safety, district-appointed contacts are immediately notified by phone, even after standard business hours

Certain alerts and categories will warrant immediate outreach to the family. While a risk assessment by a school social worker will need to wait until the next school day, there are steps families can take to ensure that students are safe, as well as additional outreach they can access.