Student Services

  • This Student Services web site provides parents, teachers, and community members important information about supports and services available for children with disabilities.


    Student Services is an integral part of Woodridge 68's total education program. The Student Services staff members in the district and at each school partner with students, parents, other educators, and the community to assist in creating an educational environment that fosters the academic, personal, social and career growth of all students. Staff members are extensively involved in implementing programs that assist all students to reach their maximum potential and be prepared for continuous learning and productive citizenship.


    In addition to providing valuable information about our own services within Student Services, links to other web sites are also provided. These links provide access to a variety of information that relates to children with disabilities. This web site is always under development. As a result, you will find periodic updates and changes. I welcome any questions or feedback you may have.



    Dr. Anne Bowers

    Director of Special Education

student with colorful paint on hands
  • 2023-24 enrollment as of October 1, 2023:

    Total students enrolled: 2,799

    Total students with an IEP or 504 plan: 583